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Printing Help:  General Information


On a Mac, use Preview to print.

On a PC, use Paint or Windows Viewer.

Do not use Adobe Acrobat.

The quality of the printout is negatively affected
by Acrobat's interpretation of the data.


The downloadable images for purchase on this site were generated using
"borderless" option, to provide images as large as possible.  Some printers,
however, do not take advantage of this, reducing the image to letter-size with
large borders.  At least the provided images will allow for maximized size, for
those customers whose printers can take advantage of it.

A good rule of thumb is to select "Scale to Fit” and "Fill Entire Paper."  Since
the image is created as far as possible to the edges of 8.5" x 11" letter-sized
paper, your Print function will at least begin with a large image, with your
computer’s printer driver formatting it as big as possible for output on your printer.

The images have been optimized for printing as either color or grayscale
(monochrome, black-and white.)  However, if your color printer does not give
you the balance you want, try printing in grayscale, and vice versa (try printing
in color if you don’t like the grayscale output.)

The examples in this help file show pull-down menu options which affect print
size and print quality on both grayscale (monochrome, black-and-white) and
color printers.

Macintosh Printing Specifications
For Macintosh printing, use the Preview application located in your
“Applications" folder.  Preview comes bundled with your operating system.


Grayscale (Monochrome, Black-and-White) Printing on a Laser Printer
Grayscale Laser:  Preview: Scale to Fit, Fill Entire Paper

Grayscale Laser:  Graphics/Paper: Quality High Res, Toner Saver Off,
Edge Enhancement Maximum
Useful note about "Quality High Resolution":  some printers output a darker,
more "readable" image by selecing "Quality Standard."  


Grayscale Laser:
Graphics/Paper: Levels Brightness and Contrast Set to 50 Each



Color Printing on an Inkjet Printer

Below are inkjet color settings using three brands of printers:
Brother, Canon, Epson printer.
Examples show settings for pull-down menus.

Brother Color Inkjet:  Paper Size Letter Borderless,
Color Matching Brother Color



Brother Color Inkjet:  Print Settings Quality Normal, Color/Grayscale = Color


Brother Color Inkjet:  Color Settings Color Mode = Natural


Canon Inkjet Color Printer
Paper Size Letter, Preview Scale to Fit, Fill Entire Paper

Canon Color Matching = Canon Color Matching


Canon Quality & Media: Print Quality=High,
do not check “Grayscale Printing” box


Canon Color Options: Brightness = Normal, Sample Type = Standard



Epson Inkjet Color/Monochrome Printer

Paper Size Letter Borderless, Preview Scale to Fit, Fill Entire Paper
(do not check black & white box)


Epson Inkjet:  Media & Quality:  Media Type Plain Paper, Quality = Best