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Our first stop is the Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival in Little Chute, for "Three Jazz Mice®️ with Cheese!"  Then we take a plane or train to the Chicago Field Museum, to explore ancient Egypt, do the "Mummy Boogie," and go "Floatin' Down the Nile."  Onward to Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona to see "The Planets."  Road trip! to Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine, where we will encounter a "Moose On the Loose."  On the beach at Monterey Bay, California, we sing along with "Oliver Otter's Banjo Song."  Time to overload our senses at the Boulder Botanical Garden in Longmont, Colorado with "SuperBee!"    Groove over to the Goose River of North Dakota for "Three Quacks Boogie."  We find a "Suburban Cat" lounging on a pillow in Painesville, Ohio.  Ohio State University fans in Columbus go wild at halftime for "Script Piano!"  Hear "Slithering Bagpipes" in Dundee, Oregon, played skillfully by a delightful snake whose relatives trace their lineage to the British Isles.  In Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming we sing, play and dance the "Buffalo Boogie" with groovin' bison.  Next we travel south to Pampa, Texas to rumba with "El Toro, the One-Bull Band."  Cook up some good home foodies in Cook, Kansas on the "Stove Eyes."  We romp with a "Happy Bears Boogie" trio of grizzlies in the Great Smoky Mountains at National Park from North Carolina clear to Tennessee!  Let's complete our action-filled trip at the "Mole Hole" Cafe in Everglades, Florida, singing "Happy BD2U" to Klaus Maus, pianist for the JazzMice®️ Trio and best friends with The First Cat.

Below is the "America Crossword Puzzle."  Click on it and download to your computer!CrosswordImage2